Intelligence starting from birth

A question was asked about why are some children more intelligent than others?

Of course, we know that genetics is a major factor as the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. However, environmental factors have a strong role to play in the intelligence of a child.

As we know the formative years and early childhood education determine the overall success of a child. Researches have studied what helps a child thrive.

They believe learning begins from birth and that quality of experiences for a baby improves their brain. Even though babies cannot talk; as they observe the world they are learning attitudes, behaviors, social skills, math and language that impact their performance when they do start school.

By this, babies who grow up in stressful and less nurturing environments, are prone to learning delays that affect the early childhood learning experience and into adulthood.

What 4 things can you do for your baby to improve learning:

  • Read age-appropriate books or books apps to your child. Starting from infancy, use board or picture books where you tell the story in the book. You can draw attention to shapes, colors or activities in the book.
  • Interact with your baby by smiling, laughing and talking to your baby.
  • Sing to your baby and play the music that is calm and soothing. This will help your baby develop a love for music and will help brain development.
  • Playing with your baby with age-appropriate toys, activities, and outings.

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