Why sweetness is not healthy

A new study released by Harvard researchers has concluded that sugar-sweetened and artificially-sweetened beverages in USA are linked with mortality from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

In the study, they looked at data from 36,347 men and 80,647 women over 34 years. They found that there were 36,437 deaths (7,896 from cardiovascular disease and 12,380 from cancer) linked with the consumption of sugar-sweetened and artificially-sweetened drinks.

The researchers also found that people with higher intakes of sugar-sweetened beverages tended to be younger, less physically active, less likely to take a multivitamin, and more likely to smoke compared to those with lower intakes of sugary drinks.

This group was also associated with a higher intake of total energy, red and processed meat, and glycemic load and with a lower intake of whole grains and vegetables.

Again, we are back to the topic of #healthyeating. There is much to be said about moderation in our diet, keeping physically active and hydrating with water.

Key points:

  • The researchers recommend that there should a policy change to limit intake of sugar-sweetened beverages and reduction in consumption of artificially-sweetened beverages.
  • They also encourage that people should be educated about drinking more water in place of sweetened beverages.

Written by Dr. Ngozi Onuoha

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