We are moving and rebranding to https://health4naija.wordpress.com/

The only thing constant is change.

Change drives innovation.

Change is to be embraced as a path to progress.

Even before this website was launched in 2016, I felt the need to create health education content to stimulate engagement in health conversations, to improve understanding of health, to make health part of our everyday conversations, to demystify health and the processes to attaining good health, to create a platform for health writers, and to inspire healthy living.

Certainly, in the 4 years since running the site as a creative director, I have enjoyed some of the challenges for it is through them that I have learnt about website management. I can comfortably include the skill set, website manager on my resume.

Deciding to relocate the website to the new Health4Naija.Wordpress.com is exciting because it allows for new ideas and collaborations.

Over the past few years, I have seen new web hosting companies offer more innovative solutions to website owners. I am interested in exploring other newer products in the future that have the capacity to do more with ease. It has been a journey of self-education in website management that I now teach to beginners.

Thank you to all our readers and content contributors for being part of our mission of Health through Education.

Join us on Health4Naija.wordpress.com for the same engaging and useful health topics.

Dr. Ngozi Onuoha

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