Telehealth in the time of a pandemic

Telehealth or Telemedicine is a medical consultation that occurs remotely through video calls or telephone calls. Recent events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have led to an overwhelming demand for acute healthcare services globally. To meet the increased demand for health needs, medical professionals are turning to virtual visits conducted remotely via Telehealth platforms, to attend to non-urgent medical requests.

What role does Telehealth have to play in Healthcare?

Telehealth has endless possibilities in health care, starting with medical education. Utilizing online platforms for group lectures, allows medical education to reach students from distant locations. It also allows students access to education from specialists who have niche areas of specialization.

In acute care; telehealth is useful in subspeciality care in conditions like stroke, cardiovascular conditions, orthopedics, critical care, psychiatry, etc.

For low acuity care; telehealth is used for some conditions like urinary symptoms, skin rashes, sore throat, malaria, headache, and other conditions.

In chronic disease management; Telehealth can be useful in managing diabetes, hypertension, HIV, congestive heart failure, and other conditions.

In Nigeria, the Telehealth industry is emerging with various Health platforms and Apps.

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Here are some Telehealth resources in Nigeria.


  • Search for a medical specialist anywhere in the world and obtain a second opinion or referral. Search and see a doctor using video conferencing or book a face-to-face appointment.


  • Affordable and stress free malaria care for you anywhere, anytime


  • Book a consultation with a registered and qualified UK doctor in minutes using modern technology.

Health Connect 24x 7

  • Population health management, available 24-7.

Dro Health

  • A Nigerian Telehealth platform that makes healthcare easy, fast and affordable.


  • Access quality convenient health professionals and facilities anytime anywhere, from home visits to fully functional facilities around the corner.

Outpost Health

  • Offers one-on-one patient-centered virtual healthcare. Provide access to a global team of medical experts – doctors, nurses, pharmacists, wellness practitioners, mental health providers and more.


  • Offers solutions that promote primary care; by improving the health of the public through continuous access to personalized health information.


  • Offers Telemedicine solutions.


  • Provides home care and telehealth for older adults.


  • Provides on demand health care services.

These are just some of the TeleHealth Apps available in Nigeria. Kindly complete this survey to share information on other Telehealth Apps.

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Updated March 29,2020

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