On the matter of COVID-19 pandemic

Dear family and friends, 

I thought I would put a personal touch for you all on the matter of COVID-19 pandemic. The message is, observe the health advice given by the authorities including handwashing and social isolation/distancing.

Consider everyone around you from the baby to the elderly, take all precautions as directed to avoid putting every other person including the vulnerable ones at risk.

I don’t mean to scare you but this thing is real and spreading. It is a war. The main reason that people may not be running for cover is probably because they couldn’t see the enemy.

These bugs are ‘clever’, they appear to know human behaviour and are exploiting it. Humanity is more clever as we are capable of changing our ways and self preserve in order to fight another day. 

You would probably be aware of various series measures that various governments – local, national and international have been taking to help stop the pandemic.

Lockdown at state and national levels, travel restrictions, cancellation of major events etc. These only add to the perspective of the seriousness of the situation. The authorities are helping to provide guidance to help its citizens. We should use them to modify and shape our behaviour so we can defeat the plague. It is possible. 

These kinds of decisions should be replicated and adapted at group, family and personal levels. We should all take some responsibility in making our patch safe. It all adds up.

Please desist from spreading unhelpful information, it could be dangerous. All groups should act inline and comply with directives from the authorities to ensure safety. 

Humanity has never been totally defeated by war in any form or pandemic. This demonstrates the superiority of our being to the other creatures as made by the creator. The world is passing through a dark tunnel at the moment grappling through any logical aid to help its sustenance.

Perhaps at the other end, we would come out with lasting lessons.
Please take care, keep safe and stay safe. 

Written by O A Seidu 

Healthcare Professional

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