Nigeria’s top health influencers

Health influencers are medically trained personnel who are prominent on social media by their following and popularity. In Nigeria, social media has gained popularity with the increase in smartphone owners and digital technology. Here is a listing of Nigeria’s top health influencers to follow to gain insight on health matters.

  • @DrOlufunmilayo on Twitter with 87.8K followers. A medical doctor who is interested in social advocacy and medical satire. He provides highly engaging tweets on medical topics.
  • @Aproko_doctor on Twitter with 66.7K followers. A medical doctor, content creator and health communications expert. He provides useful medical content in a humorous manner.
  • @NaijaFlyingDr on Twitter with 64.3K followers. A medical doctor who founded Nigeria’s first air ambulance. She keeps twitter abuzz with financial tidbits.

  • @Healthertainer on Instagram with 47.5k followers. A medical doctor who drives health and social development through innovation and community mobilization. She creates engaging content while advocating for many health causes.
  • @DrZobo on Twitter with 25.2K followers. A medical doctor who is a health care leader and Literacy expert. She tweets about health education and awareness.
  • @Chikwe_I on Twitter with 13.7k followers. A medical doctor who is the Director General of Nigeria’s centre for disease control. He tweets about disease outbreaks and prevention.
  • @thedrkemi on Instagram with 13.4K followers. A medical doctor who talks about health management.

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