Some ideas to stay organized

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Do you find yourself running late to meetings or appointments? Do you forget important tasks or timelines? You are not alone, as many people find themselves multitasking and then appear disorganized as a result. Here are some ideas for staying organized.

Create a to-do list

Noting down tasks in your electronic calendar, paper planner or notebook will enable you to focus on accomplishing these tasks. Review your list the night before and the morning of.

Keeping important tasks to no more than three per day will ensure you complete them successfully.

Use a reminder

If you are not using an electronic calendar, one simple solution is to set your phone’s alarm clock as a reminder an hour or more before your commitment with a short notation of what the alarm is for.

Separate daily goals from long term goals

Separating your daily goals from your long term goals can be accomplished with a daily planner and a notebook respectively. Keeping these lists separately ensures that you are focused on immediate goals while keeping long-term goals in view.

When you use an electronic calendar for long term goals, set several reminders so you can make preparations for it. You can also send a private email reminder of your idea to yourself with or

Immediate goals are tasks you want to accomplish that day, for instance running an errand, reading a chapter in a book or writing a blog post.

A long term goal is something for later that you want to achieve over the long term or at a date in the future for example; scheduling a routine dental visit or planning to take an online course.

Have a notebook handy

It’s a great idea to move around with a notebook and pen or electronic pad, so you can write ideas as they come. If you miss the opportunity to write an idea you may forget it.

Sometimes it is more interesting to write your ideas with colored pencils or pens. Doodling or drawing may help inspire a creative idea and creative thinking. When ideas are dry, taking a leisurely walk may help ideas to flow.

Manage your time effectively and plan ahead

Early to bed, allows you to wake up early to contemplate your plans for the day and make your day more streamlined or focused.

When setting off to a meeting, it is important to have an idea of the traffic patterns to enable you to plan your transport so as to arrive on time.

I hope that with some of these ways to stay organized that you find great accomplishments.

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