Holiday gifting

In the month of December as 2019 winds down, we enter a festive season with gift-giving.

There are so many possibilities for gift giving. Traditionally in Africa, people might gift food items, electronics, fabric, jewellery, and much more.

Here are some suggestions for health-related gifting

  • A gym membership: Staying fit is essential to good health. How exciting is a year’s paid gym membership preferably near your home? Gyms offer the right atmosphere for staying fit. By working out on exercise machines or taking part in a group exercise class, a person can achieve their health goals in the new year.
  • A gift of lovely gym outfit: A jogging suit that is bright and inspiring can motivate a person to exercise. You know what they say; looking good, makes one feel good.
  • A pair of trainers: Appropriate footwear is essential during exercise to provide support for the ligaments, muscles, and joints of the legs and spine as well as prevent injury. Starting exercise is as simple as walking 10 to 15 minutes per day.
  • A blood pressure monitor: An automatic blood pressure monitor will allow home monitoring of blood pressure. This is particularly important in people with high blood pressure who take medications. One of the best brands of blood pressure monitor is by Omron.
  • Blood glucose monitor: A person with diabetes should monitor sugars with a fingerstick kit consisting of glucometer, test strips, and lancets. There are many glucometers for testing, one of the most affordable is by GE health, this is available at Amazon. The other meters are just as good. However, expensive test strips can add up to costs particularly for people on insulin who need to test their fingerstick sugar more than two times a day. For this reason, the GE glucometer is preferred for its affordable test strips. There are so many glucometers in the market so ensure you buy the test strips for the matching glucometer.
  • Health insurance: It is indeed possible to gift someone one year of health insurance. In Nigeria, there are many good health insurance companies, some with a monthly fee of N5,000. Having health insurance will ensure that the person gifted can access medical care easily.
  • An exercise tracker: A Fitbit or an Apple Watch is a great wearable device that tracks activity. It also counts steps, calories, and monitors heart rate.
  • Gift certificate: A wellness spa gift certificate makes a great pampering gift for that busy person who needs to detox from stress even though for a few hours, and reset their creative outlet.
  • Health journal or books: Writing down health goals is a step towards accomplishing good health. A vibrant journal or a health book will make a great gift for the health-conscious person.

Feel free to write your suggestions of great health-related gifts for the festive season in the comment section below.


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