Guest article: Hush! Is Age just a Number?

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The social media was awash a few months ago with the #10yearschallenge. The revelations so far have outclassed the wonders of the world. For example some people who were dark skinned apparently received the miracle of light-coloured skins ten years later. Hallelujah! Some even looked younger now than they were ten years ago. Real or unreal, I only expressed what I saw.

In all these things, one thing is clear even to the never-get-olds and every- year-youngs, aging is taking place.
Aging is one of the realities of everything that is living. It’s a happening that reveals itself as the years go by. It is so subtle that in humans, some are so privileged that theirs don’t reveal much over the years, yet it still shows. To others, they are so obvious that their stated ages belie their looks.

Frequently, you meet people who defy certain predetermined age-related feats, for example, an eighty year old involved in gymnastics or a 100 year old weightlifter. The truth is that those are exceptions which medically and physically cannot be the norm.

Check these facts: The human body actually starts aging from age 30. Some of these changes include, the reduction in the substance the enables the flexibility of your spine, reduction in the production of your hormones, reduced skin tone and muscle fibers, thickening of heart muscles, hardening of the arteries and so on.

In an article by Shanon Basaraba, she states that your breathing capacity depletes by nearly 40% between ages 20-70 in addition to depletion of muscle mass by 20 percent between ages 30-70, especially without exercise.
Scientists acknowledge that aging is still not fully understood. Thus, as knowledge continues to increase in the subject, one thing is clear, aging incorporates your health habits and the changes that take place in the body.

A time comes when the rate of replacement of dead cells and tissues outpaces the breakdown of these cells. Unhealthy habits hasten this process. This is what defines longevity. Some actually have a genetic disposition to live longer than others while others accomplish theirs through healthy and safe habits.

Age is not just a number. It may seem to appear that way and like I usually tell people, if this was so, there won’t be any difference between a 7 year old boy and a 70 year old man. Affirming that age is just a number is akin to denial of reality that keeps getting you sucked into an unrealistic world of fantasy.

All the same, aging can be graceful or spiteful. It still comes down to your choice. Dear friend, do your best to maximize the phases of your aging pathway. You cannot reverse it but it can be slowed. We will all die but not everyone will live. By the hand of Providence, may your life be that of quality and quantity.

Written by ©Bethany Blaze
Uchenna Ozoekwe BMR[PT], Medical Student.
A.k.a Bethany Blaze
Content craftsman and personal transformation advocate.

Photo by Xiaolong Wong on Unsplash


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