Guest Article: 4 Tips to Help You Eliminate Belly Fat

Cecilia can’t get rid of her belly fat. She has tried dieting, aerobics, pilates, yoga all to no avail. Unfortunately, she may never be able to attain the body feature of her dreams because she has been getting it wrong all along.

What does body fat refer to?
Also known as abdominal fat, it’s that fat around your abdominal organs. Since there’s fat under your skin and fat circulating in your body, it’s important to delineate these differences. If your waistline measures 40 inches and above (male) and 35 inches and above (female), it means you need to cut down on belly fat.

Many of us desire that chiseled body and sculpted figure. We love to see an enviable image on the mirror.
Alas, the futility of those efforts burst our hearts with more and more disappointments.

Why do many people get it wrong with losing belly fat?

1) It all starts with information: 

Information like your body type is important. There are various classifications but a very common classification that applies mostly to men is the mesomorph, endomorph, and ectomorph. For the ladies,  some of the classifications are pear, apple, banana but the earlier classification can still apply to them. Thus, your body type determines the kind of diet to go for, the amount of calories you burn and your daily calories requirements.

For example, endomorphs have a higher tendency to store fats compared to other body types. Ectomorphs naturally have a higher metabolism and even find it difficult to build muscles. You don’t just embark on dieting without proper advice on these aspects.

Knowledge of your activity level is important. This could be low/sedentary, moderate and high intensity. This goes a long way to determine how your exercises can be tailored. For example, to determine the target for a low-intensity exercise for a sedentary, you have to calculate the 40-50% of the maximum heart rate (MHR) of the individual.
First off, you calculate the MHR.
Using the formula,
220-age of individual=MHR. 
Let’s use a 30-year-old male.
Thus 220-30 = 190 beats per minute. 
Since we are looking for 40% of 190, 
we have 40/100 =0.4. 
Thus, 0.4 × 190= 76 beats per minute. 

This means that a 30-year-old man would not exceed a heart rate of 76 beats per minute for a low-intensity exercise.

Knowledge of your ideal average daily calories intake is important because there’s a chart for different age groups and sexes. It’s not just about the quantity of food but quality and the essential food nutrients needed. For example, grains, vegetables, fruits, proteins are important for that desired body flip as much as low carb diets. In this section, be reminded that the timing of your meals is important, eating heavy meals beyond 8 pm is a no-no.

Studies have suggested 1-2 litres of water per day. Water facilitates metabolism, thus not just good for losing weight. At least ensure you drink water before and after each meal.

2) You must be dedicated:

Losing body fat requires a lot of work. Same goes with belly fat. In order to get desired results, you must give it the attention the same way you follow through with work or studies.
You have to be able to strictly follow through your diet regimen. This, in addition to the prescribed exercises, ensure that your dream body figure comes true.

3) Liaise with the proper personnel.

The dietician assists you with diet plan, the physiotherapist guides you through your exercises. The physician is responsible for follow up in case of any underlining medical condition. As you go through the workouts, your fitness trainer directs and motivates. In as much as it’s possible you could work independent of these, it’s advised to have them at readily available in case of emergencies or unclear situations.

4) Lifestyle adjustments are equally important. 

The quality of your sleep is important in losing belly fat 6-7 hours of sleep is ideal. However, different age groups require different sleeping hours but quality sleep is as important as dieting or exercise.
Finally, cooking own meals go a long way to help you monitor your intake of certain nutrients and monitor your carbs intake.

Having said all, it’s important to ask the right questions to the right people. This will provide you with a guide on how to go about your belly fat loss journey. It’s not as difficult as it sounds be but efforts were made to offer highlights on what needs to be done.
Good luck.

©2019 by Uchenna Ugochukwu Ozoekwe a.k.a Bethany Blaze
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