Dancing away dementia

Dance is a way of self-expression. Through movement spurred by music, the body moves with purpose. Dance is a method of communication. Dance can signify celebrations, culture, entertainment, and much more.

In Nigerian culture, there are many dance steps and styles. Dances that change with trends and time. Why do we dance and what benefit does dancing offer?

Let’s look at dementia. What is dementia? Dementia is a decline of memory, personality change, executive functioning and decision making that occurs as people get older. This condition of dementia has many causes like vascular, genetic or environmental factors that will be discussed in another post. Typically dementia begins in people older than 60 years. The rates of dementia are rising due to advanced medical care and increased longevity.

In this research study on leisure activities and the risk of dementia in the older person, researchers found dance was the only activity that reduced the risk of dementia.

So, along with this research study, we say carry on dancing.


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