About Black seed oil

What is it?

Black seed oil is obtained from the seed of a flower called Nigella Sativa.

Black seed is popular in Asia and some parts of Europe where it is used as a food spice. It is also called black cumin. It can be added to smoothies, vegetable or poultry dishes, and to naan bread.

The seeds when pressed create an oil which is rich in essential fatty acids and used for medicinal purposes in alternative therapies, or as skin or hair oil.

What does it do?

The black seed of Nigella sativa contains active substances believed to have beneficial effects for boosting the immune system and to fight free radicals that cause disease.

What are the side effects of black seed oil?

Side effects may include skin rashes or stomach upset. Talk to your doctor or medical team to ensure that this supplement is safe for you and that there are no interactions with other medications. To ensure purity, use products that are 100% cold pressed and solvent free.

Another popular spice

Cumin seed is another popular spice that is also called black cumin. It is important to note that cumin seed originates from a different plant called Bunium bulbocastanum.


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