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Apparently, Africa does not have nearly enough software engineers or developers. Why is this important?

Well, we can see new digital devices every day; something new is launched. Behind those new products are the software engineers and developers who design the programs that give the technology practical applications.

Everywhere we look, something that is helpful to us uses technology. There are so many advances in technology from communication, to health to finance to transportation to education and much more.

In addition to the practicality and creation of convenience and efficiency for the users of technology, the field of software development is also lucrative and very much in demand as a career.

How to get into the field of software:

A student with a talent for mathematics, physics and computer science will do well in the field of software technology.

There are 3 possible tracks for getting into this field

  1. The more traditional entry into software technology is a college or university degree in computer science, computer engineering, information technology or related field; followed by an Internship. Majority of the schools in Nigeria have a computer science department.
  2. The second method is through programming courses starting in high school. With an interest in coding, programming languages (Java, python, C#, C++), courses online from MOOCs like coursera or edX, networking, and internships a student can become a software developer without going through the formality of a college or university education.
  3. After graduation in a field like finance, mathematics, accounting or business, the graduate can then decide to take software engineering or programming courses.

School educators will do well to introduce coding classes to children starting in elementary or primary school. Computer science classes should be taught to high school students. A great free resource as an introduction to coding is

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