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About Dr. Ngozi Onuoha

Dr. Ngozi Onuoha is a medical doctor who obtained her medical training in Nigeria, United Kingdom and United States. She obtained a Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare Management and has taken certificate courses in Global health.

Dr. Onuoha is a clinician, health educator and public speaker who provides health awareness content through social media to improve health and well-being.

Dr. Onuoha has worked with for-profit and nonprofit organizations to provide health awareness through various formats such as Instagram live, Zoom, Community outreach, Webinar, podcast, blog, and content creation.

To contact Dr. Onuoha for health content collaborations, strategy, marketing or public speaking engagement; Send email to Health4Naija@gmail.com

Disclaimer: Health4Naija serves as an education platform. Information on this site is for the purpose of education and does not constitute medical advice or meant to diagnose or treat any condition.

Dr. Ngozi Onuoha MBBS, MRCP, MD, MBA-HCM

“I provide health awareness content through social media to improve health”

-Dr. Ngozi Onuoha.