5 Steps to prevent Diabetes

What is Diabetes? 

Simply put, Diabetes is high blood sugar more than the normal range. This high sugar level now acts like a poison to the organs, call it sugar poison if you like. 

Before the onset of Diabetes, there is warning called Prediabetes. This is screened for by a test called glycosylated Hemoglobin or A1c test pronounced “A one C”. (I know this test can be expensive in Nigeria) and so the alternative test is a fasting blood glucose test that can also clue you in for the existence of impaired sugar control. 

This Prediabetes can be reversed to normal in most cases, it is a warning and not actual Diabetes. A warning that says lifestyle changes must be made so as to prevent or delay the onset of Diabetes.

The 5 steps to prevent Diabetes are as follows:

Walking more

We all walk, and a longer and brisk walk will help to burn off those calories.

Reduce sweets

This makes sense, Prediabetes is caused by excess sugars and simple sugars. Cutting back on sugar will reduce sugar levels.

Eating healthy

Ensuring a balanced diet and regular meals will reduce cravings for sugar.

Knowing your numbers

Learning about your sugar level will encourage you to keep this under control. Once a year blood test is okay if you are in overall good health.

Stress reduction

If stress causes binge eating and sugar cravings, stress reduction through meditation and walking exercise will help curb the binges.

Written by Dr. Ngozi Onuoha.

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